What to do in Emergency

Signs of possible pipeline leak may include: pools of fuel‚ dirt or dust blowing in the air‚ hissing sounds‚ gas or petroleum odours‚ bubbles in standing water‚ dead or discoloured vegetation and ice on the ground.
If you notice any of these vicinity of a pipeline‚treat as an emergency.

In cases of severe damage : Dial 999

In the event of an emergency

  • Remove all personnel from the vicinity of the incident.
  • Extinguish any naked flames and shut down all working plant from the immediate area (remember‚ vapours will travel downwind).
  • Inform the emergency services.
  • If known‚ call the pipeline operator. There will be a pipeline marker nearby with emergency contact information.
  • Exclude all vehicles and personnel from the vicinity.
  • Do not attempt to seal any leaks.
  • Do not attempt to extinguish the flame if the leak has ignited.
  • If damage to the pipeline does not cause a leak do not try and hide it. Dents and gouges in a pipe may cause it to fail at a later timewith‚ potentially‚ catastrophic consequences. Report all damage‚however seemingly insignificant‚ to the pipeline operator.
In cases of minor damage, please check the following contact list:
Logo Image BPA pipeline: 0800 585 387
Logo Image CATS pipeline: 01642 546404
Logo Image Centrica Energy Pipelines: 0800 371 726
Logo Image (South) Aldermaston: (0118) 971 2021

(North) Rawcliffe: (01405) 839 212
Logo Image ConocoPhillips pipelines: (01507) 473 553
Logo Image E-ON Pipelines: 01606 77508
Logo Image Essar pipelines: 0800 220 959
Logo Image Esso pipelines: (023) 8089 1541
Logo Image Humbly Grove Energy: (01256) 381 625
Logo Image IGas Energy: 01522 754 524
Logo Image Ineos pipelines: 0800 374185
Logo Image Mainline pipelines: (01646) 649 999
Logo Image Marchwood Power pipelines: 0800 328 60 30
Logo Image Manchester Jetline Limited pipelines: (01244) 665 989
Logo Image

National Grid (Gas Transmission): 0800 111 999


Logo Image Petroineos: 0800 374185
Logo Image TPEP (West) pipelines: (01928) 572 580


TPEP (East) and WGEP pipelines: (01642) 452 461
Logo Image

Total Finaline: 0800 592 246


Colwick pipelines: 01159 615785

Logo Image Wingas pipelines: 01507 338 360
Logo Image Uniper pipelines: 0800 3894795

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